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The Budget Serengeti Tents are a more basic version of the Luxury Serengeti Tents and comes only in the two options below.
These tents are designed for those with a more limited budget, who want to start small with a more basic tent and who may/may not want to upgade at a later stage to the more robust luxury range of tents which do have a better durability and longevity.

4-Leg Budget Serengeti - 16.3 M² - 175 Ft²
6.3m x 4.6m - 20' 8" x 15' 2 " Overall Footprint

3.5M x 3.5m - 11' 5" x 11' 5" Bedroom Area
1.2m x 3.5m - 3' 9 " x 11' 5" Bathroom Extension

5-Leg Budget Serengeti -
20.3 M² - 218 Ft²
8.4m x 4.6m - 27' 6 " x 15' 2" Overall Footprint
4.6M x 3.5m - 15' 2" x 11' 5" Bedroom Area
1.2m x 3.5m - 3' 9 " x 11' 5" Bathroom Extension

The two new Budget Serengeti's include a mild steel galvanized frame, medium canvas tent body & rain fly, stitched in ground sheet, zip on/off canvas bathroom extension, stitched in zips, air vents, body and leg pegs, inner window storm flaps and are only olive in color.
The Budget Serengeti does not require a platform to be placed upon an can thus be setup directly on the ground and is easy to take down and move.

Custom Engineered To Bring You Closer To Nature And Allow You The Romance Of Living Under Canvas, To Find The True Tranquility And Absolute Pure Passion Of Life!

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